3 Headed Dog's Debut Album

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3 Headed Dog is composed of David Aguirre (ex-Razorback), Wolf Gemora (ex-Wolfgang) and Danny Gonzalez formerly from Lokomotiv.

Project Description

3 Headed Dog is working on their debut album.We are in the final stages of the recording phase and will be entering the mixing stage soon. The band is in need of extra funding to use for purchasing some important equipment to continue the recording process at a higher level of sonic quality. The funds will also pay for the mastering (and final) phase of the recording process. 

You can help 3 Headed Dog with different amounts that you can provide. Each amount represents a title with your name as a contributor, sponsor or co-producer. Either way, you will be personally acknowledged as a part of the album's production. If you've heard our 3-song EP (available as a FREE download HERE: http://www.4shared.com/zip/qkl8g4X6/3HD_EP.html?) you know that the album is gonna ROCK HARD!

Thank you for your kindness. Spread the word. 3HD loves you!



Raised of ₱50,000.00 Goal

48% completed




This project is now completed! Thanks for all the backers who made this project a reality!