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The Ilocano term, “BIAG KO” which literally translates to “BUHAY KO” in tagalog or “MY LIFE” in English, was chosen as title to this elegantly documented autobiography of people emerging from diverse backgrounds.

BIAG KO is an artistic series featuring the lives of ordinary people with extra-ordinary life experiences. Each episode is a compelling monologue of unfiltered emotions.
BIAG KO is a lens to a reality that is often unseen by the society. It represents the oppressed and the crippled in society who struggle in, sometimes, very tragic circumstances. The show also represents the will of the human spirit, who against all odds, managed to be resilient and survive.
They are your neighbors, friends, brothers, sisters, and most of all, they are people.
Hear them.
BIAG KO will run for four (4) seasons with a total of 54 episodes.


JHEZEL FINONES is the director, producer and editor of BIAG KO. He received the 2010
Kick Ass Award for Best Producer, best editor and best show having been able to document 54 episodes
of this captivation reality TV drama series.
Jhezel is responsible for the artistically crafted TV documentary created in crisp and brooding style.


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