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PAPER MONSTER PRESS is a trans-genre (literature, art, music) indie, no-garage, publishing outfit based in Cavite, Philippines.

Project Description


I. English Literary


1. Cigarra Chinita by Aser Peleg
2. A body bolide by Joanna Parungao
3. Knowing (in) the dark by Ivan Emil Labayne
4. When i learned praying to be straight was not useful by Ahimsa Timoteo Bodran
5. False Religion by Brylle B. Tabora


6. Bordello Gello by Ayn Frances dela Cruz
7. The Thunder by Mart Abueg
8. True Places by Javier Jeffrey
9. The Sea Books by Chris Bird
10. Experiment by Alyza Taguilaso
11. The Patient by Tofi Alonte
12. The Fight by Tushar Jain
13. Night by Pauline Lacanilao

II. Filipino Literary


1. Oda kay Edgardo M. Reyes ni Jeric Jimenez

2. Pagkapaso ni Francisco Arias Montesena
3. Kung paano ko nilalabanan ang pag-iisa ni Janine Andres
4. Limang Haikung Filipino ni Wennielyn Fajilan
5. Bago Makaraos ni Arnold John Galicia
6. La Guernica (pagkaraan ni Pablo Picasso) ni Glenn Sales
7. Sine ni Lolito Go

III. Music


1. En la mina by Goghi and Goghi

2. Me and my Japanese Bike by Identikit
3. Thrive by Ryan Diolola
4. Aklasan by Anak Dalita
5. Sudden by Fherrond
6. A bargain for the 11th hour by Lee Lazaro
7. Those bad hairday blues by Axle Cano
8. Bliss by Valerie Faye Bautista
9. Remove DC Offset by Stanley Castelo



*Nota bene: FIRESTARTER is PAPER MONSTER PRESS'S 8th issue to date. In less than 2 years since its inception, PMP has brought you PYROTECHNIC POETRY 1, PYROTECHNIC POETRY 2, S/TRIP-HOP, DREAM(POP), QUEER PUNK, SANDIGMAAN, and ASUANG. SUPPORT ♥! -PMP


We aim to produce 100 copies of each issue of Paper Monster Press.

a. 50 copies-go to our beloved contributors, as there are roughly 50 contributors per issue

b. 2 copies- go to the Pushcart Prize Best of the Small Press in New York, as we will be nominating 2 English poets every issue for the Pushcart Prize

c. 10 copies- go to the Sticky Institute in Melbourne, Australia, the only shop in the world dedicated to zine culture

d. and the rest we peddle and hawk by hand or in local gigs to inspire, spread the word, inflame people with love/ passion/ art. ;)


Raised of ₱20,000.00 Goal

43% completed




Days Left

This project is raising ( ₱20,000.00 ) until Tuesday, April 30, 2013

or ($52.50)

1. a complimentary copy of Firestarter magazine with music CD
2. a black, limited edition Paper Monster press shirt
3. a 2-page ad in Firestarter issue
4. support Love stickers
5. credit recognition on the acknowledgements page
6. free hugs!

or ($21.00)

-a copy of the limited edition FIRESTARTER magazine and music CD (autographed whenever possible)
-a limited edition Paper Monster Press shirt starring our official logo in white silkscreen!
-a full page ad in FIRESTARTER
-credit recognition on the acknowledgments page
-free hugs!

Corporate Sponsorship

We also allow corporate sponsorship. Please contact us for more details.