Illustrated By: Filipino Invasion of U.S. Comics

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* With time left on our target date, we have decided to increase our target amount to further raise the quality of the project during the ongoing and intensive post production process. Any potential future donation will be utilized to enhance the finished film to meet high standards and expectations. Thank you to those who have supported and donated! Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, The X-Men – characters recognized all over the world, and have gained even wider popularity through television and film. What may not be known is that, since the 1970’s, Filipinos have had a significant contribution in these and other characters’ mythologies. In terms of comic book history, these creators are often left unaccredited or, at worse, neglected entirely for their accomplishments. “Illustrated By”: Filipino Invasion of U.S. Comics is a full-length documentary film tracing the phenomenon of Filipino comic artists breaking into the U.S. mainstream. The movie aims to pay tribute to many of these ignored, unacknowledged talents, and showcase their gorgeous artwork. The film will premiere this June as part of the Film Development Council of the Philippines' (FDCP) Sineng Pambansa competition.

Project Description


illustrated1The Filipinos’ rise to international attention came during the early 70’s, when DC Comics – the home of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Justice League, and others – began recruiting local talent to work on their books. What drew their eyes were the Filipinos’ distinctive art style, coupled with the relatively low pay rates Filipinos were willing to accept, coming from a depressed, third world country.In "Illustrated By," Interviews will be conducted with the artists of yesterday and today (or descendents or co-workers if they have passed), while the subject matter will encompass: their personal background and individual style; their initiation or start into he field of drawing and the arts; a demonstration of their unique process and capabilities; their experiences in the local komiks industry; their appeal and attraction to foreign publishers and their experiences working in the U.S.-International market; and the past and current state of Filipino comics art, both in its style and world perception.

Stylistically, “Illustrated By…” will be executed as traditional documentary in detailing the evolution of the Filipino comics illustrator in the context of the American comics industry. The film will be shot on hi-definition video, employ clear lighting and sound, and utilize reliable and tasteful editing techniques to optimize interest and entertainment. 

The main attraction and visual centerpiece of “Illustrated By…” will be the artwork prominently featured and displayed throughout the film. These collected images, spanning decades and art styles, will be shown in shifting cinematic approaches (dissolves, fast-cuts, etc.) to correspond to the narrative as told by the artists and experts. Luscious and finely-detailed art from a wide variety of genres: superheroes, horror, fantasy, romance and many others, will testify to the wondrous artistic capacity and talent of the Filipino.

The film is currently still in production. Although we have a modest grant via the FDCP, we are requesting additional funding to ensure its completion and match the level of its ambitions.


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This project is now completed! Thanks for all the backers who made this project a reality!