KT loves Edgar: A Birthday Fundraiser

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Project Description

KT Loves Edgar: A Birthday Fundraiser

Hello everyone! My name is Kate Torralba and you might know me as your little fashion designer / musician friend.  It is my birthday today (12/29/12) and I would like to invite you to participate in a special birthday project I've embarked on with the help of our friends here at Artiste Connect.

The project is called KT Loves Edgar. Nope, Edgar is not my boyfriend, but a dear friend of mine.

Edgar Dominguez is a kind, hardworking hairstylist and makeup artist at my longtime salon, Hairworks in Legazpi Village. Edgar has become a very good friend through the years - we both love to dress up and tell jokes. When I'd be feeling down in the dumps, sitting on Edgar's makeup chair and listening to his stories never failed to cheer me up. And he always made sure that I looked my best for many important events.  If you ever saw me all confident at a party or speaking engagement, Edgar's talents and pep had a lot to do with that!

Unfortunately, the past year I noticed that Edgar started looking weak and sluggish at work.  I became concerned that he had some health issues.  My gut was right - Edgar suffered a massive heart attack a few weeks ago and needed an angioplasty.  My beloved Edgar would have died if the doctors at Cardinal Santos Hospital did not perform the surgery in time!

Edgar was very lucky to survive, and even luckier that his doctors were so kind and generous to perform the operation for free.  He wouldn't be alive today if it wasnt for their compassion and dedication to save lives.

However, Edgar still incurred some very expensive medical bills and is required to maintain costly post-surgery medication and therapy.  So far the bills have racked up to over five hundred thousand pesos and counting.  His employers, clients and friends at Hairworks have all pitched in to contribute but there is still a substantial amount left to be covered.

And so today, on my birthday, I'd like to invite you, my friends and followers, to help make a difference in Edgar's life.  I would gladly forego gifts and presents and would like to request for pledges for the Edgar Dominguez Medical Fund.  

You would make my birthday a very happy one if you sent your love and generosity Edgar's way!


with love,


Kate Torralba


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Days Left

This project is raising ( ₱100,000.00 ) until Monday, March 31, 2014

or ($2.10)

An exclusive preview track sent thru your email (mp3 format) from Kate Torralba's debut album 'Long Overdue' (for launching in February 2013) and a personal thank you message via FB /Twitter/ Instagram/ (choose one)

or ($21.00)

Kate Torralba shall play her rendition of a song you love
on her personal Youtube channel 'dediKated' especially for you.

or ($210.00)

Kate Torralba shall play a special 5-song set at your home
(Greater Manila and Cebu Areas only)

*Outer regional areas outside Greater Manila and Cebu, pledger must shoulder transportation costs. For more info and scheduling contact:

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