MNL 143

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Hi I'm Emerson Reyes, and Im about to do my first full length film, MNL 143. We've already started our production and we would like to ask for your help for us to finish the remaining shooting days. :) 143!

Project Description

A long FX ride from Buendia to Fairview. Approximately 20 Kilometers on the road where different life stories race to be told: responsibility, morality, integrity and reality. Familiar stories, some you've already heard of on street corners from friends and neighbors. Stories of ordinary people as they struggle with hope, resignation and compromise.

They are people from different walks of life: a mother looking for validation from her family, a young couple dealing with morality, a small child with a simple joy. Manang Gloria and her prejudice; a woman who loves the absence of waiting, and the activist armed with nothing but principles and convictions. Then there’s Mila who strongly believes she deserves to have her happy endings back. Her story is nothing new. It has been retold countless times in movies and even in badly written love songs. Ramil her ex-lover, an FX taxi driver who never gives up searching for his true love. He's not afraid to find the meaning of his life from his own sense of happiness. Hoping for the sense of stillness even as the world around him seems to be changing fast.

MNL 143 puts a comical spin to your daily commute and turns it into a crazy emotional roller coaster. Because sometimes we just have to jump and do it. Jump in and learn from it. A journey reflecting life. A long ride which you don’t know where to get off and what to expect; it could be life in despair; dreams; and desire. But, in the end, we'll find a way to keep things simple in this journey that is always never complete.



Raised of ₱143,000.00 Goal

63% completed




This project is now completed! Thanks for all the backers who made this project a reality!