Slow Hello (Debut Album)

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Help SLOW HELLO record and release their debut album!

"Cold Turkey"

Project Description

Hello! Our band has collected a bunch of tracks that we'd like to release so our friends (and anyone else who wants to!) can hear them. Your help will go a long way to moving every aspect of the production of this album forward, from recording and printing the CDs to producing merch. We've already begun recording, and we're pretty excited about the end result.



This is who we are:

Slow Hello plays sentimental indie rock, having begun as a personal side project for Selena away from indie rock group Ang Bandang Shirley. With Marc of Twin Lobster, Erwin of The Strangeness and former NU107 DJ Russ, the band is now fully realizing the potential of Slow Hello's original lo-fi incarnation and exploring strength in numbers to create melodic and guitar-driven songs that sound new yet familiar.


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Please share this ArtisteConnect page with everyone you hold dear. Please help us record our album! This will make us very happy. We hope it will make you happy, too, when it comes out.

Thank you so much!



Slow Hello


P.S. DECEMBER 3, 2012

We're proud to reveal our t-shirt design by our friend Ekong Caruncho! This is the limited edition design that will be printed on the shirts we'll be sending out as part of the P700, P1000 and P1500 pledge packages. Only 29 days left to pledge! Click now to get this awesome shirt!



Raised of ₱50,000.00 Goal

88% completed




This project is now completed! Thanks for all the backers who made this project a reality!