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Tarsius "Deathless gods" video by Marie Jamora

Test pressings have arrived!

Tarsius live at Saguijo!

TARSIUS - DEATHLESS GODS by tarsiusmanila

Project Description


Notice:  This project is extended to July 9, 2012 for Pre-selling only!  

Updated! (062212)

The sleeves have already been printed (via Morphius disc USA) and our ready to ship to our vinyl printer source and just waiting to be assembled!  We also have already received the test pressings!  Now we have recently re-launched our Artiste Connect page for Pre-selling ONLY.  Records are still priced at P1000 (excluding shipping fees starting May 31, 2012).  But if you're from Manila, we can do pick-up or meet-up in Makati, Ortigas, and Cubao, Quezon City.  DELIVERED BY THE BAND THEMSELVES!

About shipping fees for international orders please email info@artisteconnect.com to arrange shipping fees and logistics.


What is the product again?

Tarsius - Primate on 12" vinyl will contain:

- 12 tracks including 2 Unreleased tracks all re-mastered to vinyl

featuring Tarsius collaborations with Archaster, Slow Hello, Evil Scientists, Caliph8 and Malek, plus vinyl bonus: With Outerhope and Similar Objects

- Colored vinyl

- Including digital download card (at 320kbps)

- Only 300 copies in print

Reserve your copy now!


Tarsius "Primate" on vinyl will be released in July 2012

 - Diego Mapa, Tarsius

What is this Project?


Tarsius debut album “Primate” to be printed on Vinyl LP


Independent artists are receiving a beating due to the rise of piracy, demise of the CD format, and of course the natural effect of the internet. With no independent or major record support, Tarsius has already funded its recording for their 10 song debut album "Primate" and alread released for FREE on Numberline Records. It is for free because the band wants its listeners to know that they primarily want to share their music. However to make a real album, digital downloads still does not replace the satisfaction of a real record. For artists who take themselves seriously, they still need their canvass to prove that they indeed have a soul.

With a global mind set, Tarsius is pushing things forward.  They still plan to release a hard copy despite giving their album already for free, but not on Compact Disc.  CDs sales are at a slump and constantly pirated.  However, the vinyl format or LP is making a great comeback and it is winning new fans, especially from the youth. It has been proven in numerous articles on the web including Time Magazine ("Vinyl get's it's groove back" - Time).

There are no more working vinyl factories in the Philippines. The country used to have a generous production of vinyl but demised upon the rise of the cassette and CD during the late 80s. The vinyl printing machines are probably still in the country but probably tucked away in some abandoned factory collecting dust. As for your local vinyl record printing operators, where could have they gone?

Hence, Tarsius is raising funds to print at least 200 copies of 12 inch vinyl records including inserted digital download cards and sleeve artwork. They are outsourcing the pressing job oversees and intend to raise funds for shipping as well.

Tarsius wants to invite their fans, OPM fans, local vinyl heads, and even those who have want to support such an endeavour. In result of this ambitious task, the band hopes that it will create a domino effect. That when other local artists or major labels sees the potential of releasing a vinyl record by their peers, they will see that artists can indeed earn again from their product and receive what is due to their work. It will also place the product of a musician to international standards. Vinyl has better sound quality and stands the test of time compared to CDs. Moreover, the price of vinyl appreciates especially when the content is of great quality.


When a good number of local artists have already released a vinyl record, our local music industry will feel the demand of vinyl. Then vinyl factories will sprout again within our reach and we artists don't have to outsource our printing oversees.  

Become part of one of those who pushed our country to enter a new age of releasing music. Help Tarsius fund its project to release a 12" vinyl LP in Manila and be part of history.

Other project details:

Produced by: Diego Mapa

Executive Producer:  Bong Rojales

Associate Producer:  Pepe Torres

Re-Mastering: Shinji Tanaka of Sound Creation Studios

Art by Electrolychee

Distributed by Heima Home and Lifestyle

This is a Numberline Records release.


Who is Tarsius?

Tarsius: A laptop with a drummer

Tarsius is a Manila-based band composed of Diego Mapa on laptop and Jay Gapasin on drums. Both individuals are active musicians and are involved in two of the most exciting bands in the Philippines. Diego sings for Pedicab and Jay plays drums for The Radioactive Sago Project. They met several years ago when both groups were on tour with their respective bands.  Mapa and Gapasin instantly hit off with their common interest with electronic music.

During a Daedelus show in Manila 2011, both found themselves locked with the same topic of electronic music. By this time, Diego has already been working in several post houses as an arranger doing music for advertisements. He got into DJ-ing and still playing for Pedicab. The previous year, Jay was teaching music for kids in Singapore and recently returned to Manila. With Radioactive Sago Project he already incorporated the Sequential Circuits Pro- One to their sets and had acquired other electronic gear.

Months later, Mapa was invited by his friends to join Numberline Records after remixing the label heads’ band-- Outerhope. Mapa wanted a laptop based project but thought that playing electronic music would be more exciting incorporated with live instruments. Enter Jay, who instantly agreed to play drums.

Tarsius name is taken from an endangered species-- Tarsier which is the smallest monkey in world found in Bohol, Philippines.  The band mixes all genres of electronic music they love. Their debut "Primate" was assembled solely in Diego's laptop which is heavy on soft synths, samples, and occasionally going to a rehearsal studio to record Jay's drum parts. 

On stage, Diego pounds on a sampler and occasionally toys with a choice synth. Jay plays drums and tweaks a model kit synth called a Gakken attached to another sampler. In result, a psychedelic-electronic experience traveling out of genres from hip hop, big beat, house, jungle, and indie dance bridged in between soundscapes. In a Tarsius show, Mapa and Gapasin bang it out like a band. Moreover, Tarsius is also a DJ with drums. When they come to a peak, the next thing you know it, you’re already treated to a choice track that could be from Aphex Twin to Toro y Moi, Black Sabbath to the Beatles and beyond. Tarsius’ debut “Primate” will be out soon on Numberline Records.


Download Tarsius "Primate" for Free! (link will be active until November 30, 2011) Visit: http://numberlinerecords.com/new-release/tarsius-primate


Updated! New Press!

Tarsius "Primate" One of the QLE Awards Best Albums of 2011 - http://www.philstar.com/youngstar/ysarticle.aspx?articleId=763314&publicationSubCategoryId=84


Tarsius "Primate" included in gig.ph's "30 Releases of 2011 - http://www.gig.ph/2011/30-releases-of-2011/


Tarsius "Anarchy in the ukay" feat.  Evil Scientists included in Philcharts.com "Best songs of 2011"http://www.philcharts.com/2011/12/21/best-of-2011-songs/


Tarsius featured in Status Magazine December issue 2011:




Other Press:


As featured in NME.com, yes that NME

As used in a Lovi Poe behind the scene video by Esquire PH

And looking back here is a remix of one of our favorite songs from Outerhope 

Some past coverage

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Raised of ₱100,000.00 Goal

66% completed




This project is now completed! Thanks for all the backers who made this project a reality!