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“It's about time. The Manila Review fills a CRITICAL gap -- that is, criticism that raises the level, not just the decibel, of discourse in the Philippines and wherever Filipinos are.” -Sheila Coronel

Project Description

About Us
The Manila Review (MR) is a biannual online publication that aims to map the ideas that shape public discussion in the Philippines. Through review essays of recent and outstanding works of nonfiction and fiction, film, and art, it will serve as a living record of changes in politics, the humanities, the sciences, and their intersections.

The MR will also be a vehicle for interventions in public debates that require perspectives outside first world literary and academic circles. It seeks to situate the Philippines within global public cultures through analysis that is cosmopolitan and comparative.

MR will seek contributions from various fields and from authors espousing different views, to ensure that each issue becomes a forum for plural discussions on various aspects of Philippine life.

Why we need your help
The Manila Review is a not-for-profit publication. We need your help to keep on publishing great, fearless writing that provokes healthy debate and discussion. We would like to keep going for at least the next four issues (of course, decades if we can); while we keep costs to a minimum and support the publication partially on our own, we need to pay our writers, keep the site well-oiled, and stick around. Frankly, we could use a little help from our friends, as well as from the friends we have yet to meet.

The money will go to the following:
- Survival for the next four issues
- Compensation for highly regarded intellectuals who contribute to the Manila Review
- Well-produced videos of intellectual figures in conversation
- Compensation for emerging artists whose work will accompany the pieces
- Website design and development

We would really appreciate your donation. See below for pledge options.

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The Manila Review brings together some of the top public intellectuals commenting on the Philippines. It includes an award-winning novelist, pillars of Philippines journalism, leading literary and political critics, and one of the country’s most innovative graphic designers. The team also introduces younger commentators and writers who have yet to be heard in mainstream periodicals and media. This is the kind of team that can infuse public discussion with the provocative, even controversial, views that are sorely needed in the Philippines.

Editor: Lisandro Claudio
Managing Editor: Mara Coson
Associate Editor: Nicole Curato
Literary Editor: Miguel Syjuco
Nonfiction Editor: Bobby Benedicto
Design Director: Carina Santos

Marketing Consultant: W. Oliver Segovia


Senior Editors: Sheila Coronel, Caroline Hau, Resil Mojares Criselda Yabes

Contributing Editor: Vicente Rafael, Ambeth Ocampo

Editor-at-Large: Patricio Abinales

Editorial Assistant: Job de Leon


Raised of ₱100,000.00 Goal

100% completed




This project is now completed! Thanks for all the backers who made this project a reality!