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Project Description


Veronica is an actress acclaimed abroad for an international film 

she did a few years ago. However, her life back home is not exactly 

lustrous as she struggles to keep up with the competition 

from younger and more famous actresses. 

Film offers have become few to none. 

She cannot believe she has to endure once again the same hardship

she experienced when she was just starting. In principles, 

she maintains that she no longer the “struggling actress” she once 

was who could just take any role. 

"Im not just for cameos anymore, Im way past that stage,” she insists. 

She is always gunning for the lead. 

However, reality slaps her everytime when the roles she so aspired 

and brilliantly auditioned for do not fall into her lap in the end. 


She maintains that although she needs to strive hard to get more 

acting work to get back on track and redeem her loved ones, she 

wants even more to prove to everyone in the business that she has 

more talents in her that she could offer against the odds of the

 ridiculous commercial standard of local film industry. 

Veronica says there isnt any other job she can do. 

Acting is the only profession she knows she is good at, 

and that her high art is her only fortune. She always reflects 

that acting makes her happy despite her sorry existence. 

This is where she escapes from them all. 

 The Project

"VERONICA SALVE" is a motion picture budgeted to be produced at PhP 3 million, and for theatrical exhibition in the Philippines and abroad. The film genre is docu-drama, with attributes of  socio-cultural/ socio-political reflection on different facets of the Filipino film industry; and with central values on family and feminine identity.


Overview of Company

Eightfold Path Cinema is an independent motion picture production company assembled from creative and business-entertainment industry professionals with a common goal of producing the independent film "VERONICA SALVE." 

The Company


Eightfold Path Cinema desires to hire veteran and name talent for roles in the picture, thereby adding to the film's artistic/commercial value and audience appeal. 


The Industry

The market for independent films has expanded tremendously in the last few years amounting to worldwide grosses of over $1.5 billion. The success of 1999’s low budget film, “The Blair Witch Project,” which earned over $200 million in worldwide rvenue, revolutionized how studios and distributors look at the production and marketing of films.  In the Philippines, the indie scene has finally picked up with the recent releases of films such as Zombadings, Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank, Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros, among others.


The Market

The strategy of making films in well-established genres has been proven repeatedly to be a smart and sound choice for production. Traditionally, the fortunes of independent filmmakers have always cycled up and down from year to year. In the U.S., the recent success of independent films, such as “Sideways,” “Lost in Translation” and “You Can Count on Me” has ensured the independent segment will continue the growth spurt started in the 1990s. 

Distribution Strategy

The motion picture industry is highly competitive with a significant portion of a film's success relating to the skills of its distributor's marketing Strategy. Eightfold Path Cinema intends to submit the completed film to the most prestigious and successful annual film festivals: Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah - January), Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada - September), and The Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France – To Be Determined). It will use best efforts to negotiate with a distributor upon or near completion of principal photography prior to entering any film festival. This Strategy will maximize the Company's bargaining power and increase the potential profit the film To Be Determined earn.


Investment Opportunity 

Eightfold Path Cinema seeks PhP 3 million capital to fund the motion picture production of “VERONICA SALVE." Using a conservative, selective revenue projection, and an assumption of general industry distribution agreements, the Company projects gross revenue of approximately PhP 5 million, which is combined through theatrical sales, DVD sales, TV rights, festival prizes, special screenings, and sponsorships


 The Company



Our goal is to produce a motion picture that will entertain, educate, surprise, and refresh the spirit of true independent filmmaking through provocative story-telling. 

“VERONICA SALVE” will touch the soul, break new ground, educate, and entertain. We will convey an immense amount of experience, expertise, and professionalism into the production of “VERONICA SALVE”.



Eightfold Path Cinema was formed in 2011 in Quezon City by theater director and film production manager Noel Miralles, international actress and model Marife Necesito, and writer-director/producer Archie Del Mundo, for the sole purpose of producing independent motion pictures  Eightfold Path Cinema, managed by the officers of Eightfold Path Cinema and its co-producers, is adhered to produce high quality, important, honest, thought provoking, profitable low-budget theatrical motion pictures to be experienced by a wide variety of audiences.



Collectively, the production team of “VERONICA SALVE” has performed various tasks in mainstream and independent films and theater productions over an average of 3-15 years. In addition, they have participated in other television programs doing production management, teleplays, and on-camera performances



Archie Del Mundo is a Filipino scriptwriter and film director. He has written 8 produced film scripts since 2009, and 3 more unproduced screenplays currently in production stage. One of the films he has written was entered at the 2010 Digital Lokal Competition of the Cinemanila International Film Festival., while his first film as a writer premiered at two local film festivals (Queer Love Film Festival,  and the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival).  A writer with socio-political and realistic tones, he has worked with Filipino directors Mark Shandii Bacolod (Ben & Sam), Sean Lim (Pendong), Ray Gibraltar (Brod), and Aleksi Gumela (Linabo). He has also written and directed a short film called Detektib, which technically serves as his first directorial stint. Del Mundo's first full length film as a director is Taksikab, a gripping indie drama about the denizens of the roads of Manila. Taksikab was deemed too graphic in its depiction of sexual violence and poverty by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, prompting them to give it an X-rating on its first review. Shown censorship-free, Taksikab was well-received during its world premiere at the University of The Philippines Film Center in April 2011 The Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival selected Taksikab as part of its annual Midnight Special screenings in July 2011. In February 2012, his debut feature had an international premiere at the Filipino American International Cinema Festival in San Francisco, California, USA.





Marife Necesito is a professional stage, film and TV actress/ commercial model in the Philippines. She is a member of Balintataw Film & Theater Arts of the UNESCO Philippine Center for International Theater Institute (ITI).


She was trained by senior thespian Cecille Guidote Alvarez and Angie Ferro.

In theater, various works can be credited to her. For Dulaang Bonifacio, she did August Strindberg, “Miss Julie” as Julie , Jose Rizal’s , “Elias and Salome (Excerpt)”as Salome - For Balintataw Theater Group, she was a part of “Trojan Women” under the direction of Nikos Shiafkalis, as “Perla” in the stage adaptation of the award-winning film “Maynila Sa Kuko ng Liwanag”, as “Juli” in “El Filibusterismo” and as “Lucing/Penang” in “Without Seeing the Dawn”, under the Other stage plays include Des Bautista’s “Heroes of Ilocos” as Princess Urduja, “Song for Ana” playing the lead role, “Movie Reporters on the Loose VI” as Amanda K., and “Square Paradise” as Simplicia. •

She has done many TVC works. She appeared in Nescafe, Western Union, Tide detergent powder , and Cream silk Hair conditioner to name a few. She has done two station id’s for The Filipino Channel and Cinema One, both from ABSCBN - the largest TV network in the country. In ABS-CBN, she appeared in drama shows such as “I Love Betty la Fea”(Filipino version), “Bituing Walang Ningning”, “Krystala”, “Maalaala Mo Kaya” and “Lastikman”. Her acting talent is so remarkable she has done drama shows with the rival network, GMA-7, namely “Kung Mamahalin Mo Lang Ako”, “Mahika”, “Magpakailanman” and “Obra”. Other shows from other networks include “KKK: Crisis Against Crime”, “Pangarap Kong Jackpot” , “Count Your Blessings”, KROKO” and she was part of the television series now in Abs-cbn,entitled, "Tanging Yaman".

• In Cinema, she is making noise as the “under rated Filipina Actress turned International Sensation”. Her later film is Memfis Production’s “Mammoth” directed by award-winning Swedish director Lukas Moodysson. She plays the role of “Gloria”one of the lead character, opposite Gael Garcia Bernal and Oscar award Nominee Michelle Williams. The film are one of the official selections for the Main competition of the 59th BERLINALE FILM FESTIVAL(2009). Marife got nominated as Best Actress in 11th CINEMANILA film festival for international main competition category in the film "Mammoth". And this 2011, She was again nominated as Best Supporting actress in the film " KA ORYANG ", for her truthful, convincing and powerful performance , directed by Sari Dalena. The said film won, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Sound in CINEMAONE ORIGINALS Competition.


She done other international films as well. She played the challenging role of “Jocasta” under the direction of Singaporean filmmaker Chew Tze Chuan entitled “Carnaval”. She was a “Dong Ha” Bar Girl in Sidney Furie’s “Going Back”. This Canadian-based Production was shown in HBO. It also include "Black Market Love" an American independent film, directed by Beau Ballinger .In 2008,Marife acted in a film, TROPICAL MANILA, a Korean film ,directed by Sang Woo Lee. TROPICAL MANILA has been selected for competition at the ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL Film Festival(2008) And VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL FILM Festival (2008).

 In the Philippines, she has worked with internationally acclaimed director Lav Diaz for two films namely “Heremias Book 2” as “Neneng” and “Evolution of Filipino Family” as “Hilda”. The latter was featured in different international film festivals such as, AUSTIN ASIAN FILM Festival(2006), UNDERDOX FILM Festival(2006),20th FRIBOURG INTERNATIONAL FILM Festival (2006), 21st MAR DE PLATA INTERNATIONAL FILM Festival (2006), 23rd TORINO FILM Festival (2005), VIENNALE VIENNA INTERNATIONAL FILM Festival (2005), 32nd FLANDERS 7th BARCELONA ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL (2005),29th GOTEBORG FILM Festival (2005),34th INTENATIOANL FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM (2005),29th TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM Festival(2004) and 27th ASIAN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL FILM Festival (2004).Evolution of a Filipino Family won Best Picture in 2005 GAWAD URIAN.She has also played the role of “Espie” in Dennis Empalmado’s “PANDANGGO”. It was one of the official selection of LOS ANGELES ASIAN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL(2007),In exhibiton in CINEMA INDIO LOS ANGELES(2007) and finalist in CINEMAONES ORIGINAL. In 2006, her film “RAPTURA” directed by Ron Bryant was featured in the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. Her films also includes Adolfo Alix’ “KARERA”,"PITIK-BULAG" (Blindluck),directed by Gil Portes ,"MONDOMANILA",directed by Khavn Dela Cruz. Her upcoming films now are “AGONISTES “directed by Lav Diaz,” ,"GRACELAND" directed by Newyork based director, Ron Morales ,"""LINABO" a short film directed by Aleksi Gumela, "SNOW WHITE (LILET NEVER HAPPENED) ”,directed by Jacco Groen, a dutch film, "DARKEST NIGHT" directed by Noel Tan, " KAPATID ( BROTHERS)"'a short film directed by Steven Flor , "TAKSIKAB" and " The Mayor's Wife " directed by Archie DEL MUNDO


To her friends from the industry, her acting prowess is incomparable.When she acts,one rendered speechless.Marife Necesito is one of Philippine Cinema's finest actor waiting to be discovered.













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