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Help Vincent Moon, the french filmmaker behind the cult music serie La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows, to research and make films about the Filipino music scene, from indie acts to traditional singings and more.

Project Description

Hello dear world of the philippines!

My name is Vincent Moon, I have been exploring the world of music with my camera for a few years now. Born and raised in Paris, it's where I developped with a friend the idea of the TAKE AWAY SHOWS for his website LA BLOGOTHEQUE -


Over 3 years, we made more than 150 films with some of our favourie indie bands at the time, from THE NATIONAL to ARCADE FIRE, from BEIRUT to SUFJAN STEVENS, from SIGUR ROS to BON IVER, from REM to TOM JONES and many more. All those films were made for free, available on internet at any time -

3 years ago, I left Paris and went on a never ending tour around the planet, researching on other cultures I was less familiar with, to learn about life but always thru the music side. I spent a lot of time in BRAZIL, in ARGENTINA, in ICELAND, in CHILE, in TURKEY, in COLOMBIA, and just recently in INDONESIA. Not only focused on the indie music scene, but more open to other forms of music, especially traditional, popular, ritualistic and so on... It's a new serie of films I have been making for my new project, the collection Petites Planetes -

More ambitious and going deeper into each culture, I am now planning to travel thru the PHILIPPINES for one month to uncover some rare musical traditions, some fabulous rituals, some experimental young acts and much more.

I have been listing some of the music i am gonna research in the country, i won't have time to cover them all but i hope to encounter many of them, from the Hudhud Chants to the T'Boli music, from Kulintang ensemble to Harana songs, from Rondalla to Udol, from Sagayan dance to Darangen epics, from the Hanuno'o music to some church singings and so on... a lot to explore in this huge country obviously!

Help me to explore those regions, to meet some of those people and record their traditions, it will be a unique adventure.


All my work is always made for free, and always on internet under a Creative Commons licence which allows you to re-use it as you want. I have no company behind, no assistant who come along, just various people who help around the world. This time, I hope YOU can all be my producers, and help with this project.
You can fund those films (and then be their producers, obviously) through the Artiste Connect website. You can also invite me at your place, in your town, cook some delicious local food and introduce me to your local music - just email me directly for such delights:

I need to raise 100,000 Pesos in order to travel around the country and make those films now. I hope you can help, and I hope we can meet along the way.

until then, take care!


you can see all of my work on the links below: (all my work, more than 300 films) (my nomadic label) (long documentary about the danish band EFTERKLANG) (feature film made in Colombia with the band LULACRUZA) (interactive music video for REM)


and you can read about me in those various links:


Raised of ₱100,000.00 Goal

100% completed




This project is now completed! Thanks for all the backers who made this project a reality!